Cross-Country Skiing Area Ochsenkopf in the Fichtelgebirge: Position on map

Webcams Ochsenkopf

Ochsenkopf mountain: transmission tower
Elevation: 3359.6 ft
Panoramic view of the transmission tower at Ochsenkopf mountain.
4 hours ago
Ochsenkopf - Summit restaurant
Elevation: 3333.3 ft
Enjoy the view from the Asenturm at the summit restaurant on the Ochsenkopf in the Fichtelgebirge.
4 hours ago
Upper station at Ochsenkopf mountain
Elevation: 3159.4 ft
View of the top station at Ochsenkopf mountain in a southern direction
6 hours ago
Mountain station at Ochsenkopf mountain
Elevation: 3198.8 ft
Mountain station at Ochsenkopf mountain: view direction north slope and Asenturm mountain restaurant.
6 hours ago
Valley area (Ochsenkopf mountain)
Elevation: 3257.9 ft
View on the northern valley area at Ochsenkopf mountain.
6 hours ago
Ochsenkopf - Base station Fleckl
Elevation: 2506.6 ft
View of the base station at Fleckl. The chairlift goes up to Ochsenkopf mountain.
6 hours ago
Mehlmeisel - Klausen lifts
Elevation: 2618.1 ft
The webcam is located at the Klausen lifts in the Fichtelgebirge and looks over Mehlmeisel to Schneeberg and Ochsenkopf.
4 hours ago
Schneeberg (Fichtel Mountains)
Elevation: 3392.4 ft
6 hours ago
Ski scooter area
Elevation: 2477 ft
Live pictures from the restaurant "Bleaml Alm" and the ski scooter run at Fichtelberg.
6 hours ago
Ski lift and slope at "Bleaml Alm"
Elevation: 2477 ft
Live pictures from skilift and slope at "Bleaml Alm" restaurant, Fichtelberg.
6 hours ago
Mountain station Klausenlift
Elevation: 2270.3 ft
View from Mehlmeisel Klausenlift mountain station with Mehlmeisel village in the background.
6 hours ago
Valley station Mehlmeisel
Elevation: 2588.6 ft
The webcam shows the parking area, two of the three ski lifts and the run at Mehlmeisel Klausenlifte.
6 hours ago
Elevation: 2221.1 ft
Panoramic view over Bischofsgrün and the surrounding landscape.
temporarily unavailable
Market square Bischofsgrün
Elevation: 2194.9 ft
Outlook on the market square of Bischofsgrün.
6 hours ago

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