Cross-Country Skiing Area Cross Country Center Mauth-Finsterau in the Bavarian Forest: Position on map

Webcams Cross Country Center Mauth-Finsterau

Cross Country Center Mauth-Finsterau
Bavarian Forest National Park
Elevation: 3897.6 ft
The webcam is located in the Bavarian Forest National Park and shows Luderplatz, a fixes cardaver point.
1 week ago
Bavarian Forest - Hotel Waldeck in Mitterdorf
Elevation: 3136.5 ft
Webcam lcoated at Hotel Waldeck in Mitterdorf.
5 hours ago
Base station Kleiner Almberg
Elevation: 3566.3 ft
View to the base station of Kleiner Almberg mountain, Mitterdorf.
temporarily unavailable
Top station Almberglift
Elevation: 3631.9 ft
Outlook at top station Almberglift
5 hours ago
Kid's area Mitterdorf
Elevation: 3645 ft
View on kid's area at Mitterdorf
5 hours ago

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