Cross-Country Skiing Area Cross Country Center Mauth-Finsterau in the Bavarian Forest: Position on map

Cross-Country Skiing Cross Country Center Mauth-Finsterau

Heinrichsbrunn, Hohenröhren, Zwölfhäuser, Finsterau

Cross Country Center Mauth-Finsterau
Trail Map Cross Country Center Mauth-Finsterau

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Cross-Country Facts

Elevation3527 ft - 3527 ft
Skating 74.56 miles
Classic 74.56 miles
Lighted trails 7.46 miles
Number of Trails 12

Cross-Country Trails

Overall 61.5 miles

The Cross-Country Area

© Martin Bauer / TouriSpo

The municipality of Mauth-Finsterau is situated in the middle of the Bavarian Forest holiday region in the immediate vicinity of the Bohemian Forest. Cross-country skiing on one of the 13 cross-country ski trails will allow you to explore the idyllic winter landscape between the two Bavarian Forest National Parks and the Czech Sumava National Park. Three classic cross-country trails and 5 kilometres of skating trails wind their way through the romantic Reschbachtal valley. Together they form the Dreikönigsloipe.

A total of 102.5 kilometres are available for classic cross-country skiing or skating at the Mauth-Finsterau cross-country skiing centre. The Mauth-Finsterau region thus offers the longest network of cross-country trails in the Bavarian Forest. Every Tuesday and Thursday there is an illuminated night trail with a toboggan run available.

The Most Beautiful Tracks

© Martin Bauer / TouriSpo

The Dreikönigsloipe is the flagship of the cross-country skiing centre Mauth-Finsterau. It starts at the swimming pond in Mauth and leads first in the direction of the ski lift past the Brotzeitstüberl up to the first smaller forest aisle. From there it goes along the idyllic Reschbachtal valley to the snow bar. There you have the choice between the 5-km-round over the bridge of the Reschbach, the 10-km-round through the Reschbach valley or the 20-km-round through the national park to the Blöchinger saw. At the Hacklreibe in the upper Reschbachtal you also have the possibility to branch off to the Bayerwaldloipe in Finsterau.

Overview of the cross-country ski runs in the Mauth-Finsterau cross-country skiing centre:

  • Annathaler Loipe 1 - Sunny trail: 7.5 km / marked red

  • Dreikönigsloipen - cross-country ski trail 1: 5 km / marked blue

  • Dreikönigsloipen - Trail 2: 10 km / marked red

  • Dreikönigsloipen - cross-country trail 3: 20 km / black marked

  • Finsterauer Loipen - Trail 1: 7 km / marked blue

  • Finsterauer Loipen - Loipe 2 - Hammerklausenloipe: 10 km / marked red

  • Finsterauer Loipen - Loipe 3 - Buchwaldloipe: 20 km /marked in black

  • Skating track Annathal: 1,5 km / runs on a part of the "Sonnenloipe"

  • Skating track Finsterau: 5 km / from ski stadium, FIS racing track and 2.5 km night track at the same time

  • Skating track Mauth: 5 km / Start from "Dreikönigsloipe"

Connecting cross-country ski runs to other cross-country skiing areas:

  • Connecting track - Dreikönigsloipe to the cross-country skiing centre Freyung-Kreuzberg: 4.5 km / marked red
  • Connecting track - Dreikönigsloipe to Schönbrunn: 3.5 km / marked red
  • Connecting track - Finsterauer Loipe to Mitterfirmiansreut: 5.5 km / marked black

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Getting Here

By car:

The easiest way to reach the Mauth-Finsterau cross-country skiing centre is via the A3 towards Passau. Leave the motorway at the Aicha vorm Wald exit and follow the main road via Neukirchen, Hutthurm and Freyung to Finsterau.


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