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As a winter child, I love snow! I never became the best skier, but I haven't lost the fun of the activity. On a snowy slope, you're more likely to find me on a sled or snowrafting. A big dream of mine: skiing on Mount Etna in Sicily! If you want to write to me, you can reach me as part of the editorial team at paulina.wojcik@tourispo.com.

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Sustainable ski touring with Ternua Love of nature is always a part of ski touring. That’s why the Spanish brand Ternua goes the extra mile when it comes to sustainability, which is also reflected in its Adrenalite ski touring collection for winter. We take a closer look at the... read more...
Halti’s most sustainable ski collection Whether you prefer to conquer the mountain through long ski tours or seek the thrill of racing down the slopes, you likely want to protect the environments that allow you to pursue your passions. Choosing sustainable ski wear is one way of... read more...
LEVEL Thermoplus: How to find the right ski gloves for your needs When it comes to skiing or snowboarding, keeping your hands warm is essential for enjoying your experience on the slopes. But gloves also fulfil other functions such as keeping your hands dry and protected from the elements, while also allowing... read more...
Green in any color: The sustainable brand Ternua Sturdy winter gear or light outdoor wear for colder days, Ternua offers everything you might need for your adventures. What makes the Spanish brand stand out is their dedication to sustainability in every aspect. We introduce some of their... read more...
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