How Koroyd adds to ski helmet safety

The newest ski helmet by the US-brand Smith is fortified with Koroyd, a special energy-absorbing technology. Using The Method as an example, we explain how it helps keep you safer on the slopes and reduces the risk of injury in case of an accident.

What is Koroyd?

With Koroyd, Smith relies on innovative technology for greater safety on the slopes.
With Koroyd, Smith relies on innovative technology for greater safety on the slopes. © Smith

In short, Koroyd is an advanced impact technology designed specifically to protect people.

It offers advanced breathability and minimal weight, but first and foremost, it reduces the risk of serious injuries upon impact in a skiing or biking accident.

For this, Koroyd relies on compressive strength, which is the resistance of a material to breaking under compression. Thanks to its high-performance and flexible tubular core, Koroyd’s compressive strength can be adapted, depending on the amount of force that is applied to the surface.

Always looking for new ways to maximize protection, Smith collaborated with Koroyd to create their first helmet with this new technology, bringing the brand’s safety features to a completely new level.

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How does it reduce risk of serious injury?

Elasticity makes the difference with Koroyd.
Elasticity makes the difference with Koroyd. © Smith

We already mentioned that Koroyd was specifically designed to reduce the risk of injury upon impact, but how exactly does it achieve this? The secret lies in the material’s density and structure.

The welded tubes crumple instantly on impact, absorbing as much force as possible. Yet other materials do this too. The difference with Koroyd lies in its elasticity. While traditional energy-absorbing materials, like traditional EPS foam, act like a spring, giving back some of the absorbed energy, Koroyd keeps the rebound forces at a minimum

Combined with the MIPS-technology integrated in Smith’s Method helmet, this adds another protective layer to the model.

The Smith Method helmet

The Method ski helmet from Smith offers various features for protection and comfort.
The Method ski helmet from Smith offers various features for protection and comfort. © Smith

Smith’s newest ski helmet has much more to offer as well. Features such as strategically positioned air vents, removable Snapfit SL2 ear pads or a removable goggle strap lock all add comfort and practicability.

Every skier knows that the right fit is also a major factor when choosing a helmet. This is why Smith relies on a self-adjusting lifestyle fit system to match the shape of your head. And if your head is a little rounder, you can rely on a special Round Contour Fit, which won’t restrict you.

The lifestyle-forward ski helmet is a great choice for all skiers, who want a balanced combination of safety, comfort and style.

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