Ski Review 2019/2020: Men's Touring Skis 2 - 87 to 95 mm

Those in search of skiing adventures far off from crowded groomed slopes will love our second category of Men's touring skis. The balanced touring models all achieved good or very good scores in our rankings and offer a perfect balance between a pleasant way up and an exciting way down the hill.

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Ideal off-piste ascents and descents

To explore the terrain off the beaten track, you'll need avalanche equipment and the right material under your feet. This is where the Men's touring skis of category 2 come into play.

With widths ranging between 87 and 95 millimeters, the skis form resembles that of classic all round models. They are much lighter, however, making long uphill routes much easier. The models tested in the Innerkrems not only convinced us with their ascent characteristics, they also showed their quality during the way back down.

Target group: All mountain freaks and freeriders among ski mountaineers


Test winner: Blizzard Zero G 95

Blizzard ZERO G 95
Blizzard ZERO G 95

Reaching a very good score of 47.8 points, the Blizzard Zero G 95 tops our ranking. The model's strengths show themselves during long and short turns. It makes a great overall impression and offers high stability at speed. 

Handling, skins7,2 / 10
Long turns8,6 / 10
Short turns 8,3 / 10
Stability at speed8,1 / 10
Physical effort7,5 / 10
Overall impression8,1 / 10
Total47,8 / 60

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Second Place: Hagan Boost 94

Hagan Boost 94
Hagan Boost 94

Hagan's Boost 94 not only excels in the technical categories, it also offers a particularly easy skin handling. These aspects won the model a secon place in our ranking, while its trendy design is rewarded with a bronze medal in SnowStyle. 

Handling, skins9,0 / 10
Long turns7,8 / 10
Short turns 7,7 / 10
Stability at speed7,5 / 10
Physical effort7,5 / 10
Overall impression7,9 / 10
Total47,4 / 60

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Third place: Dynastar Mythic 87 Pro

The Dynastar Mythic 87 Pro completes the top three of our Men's touring ski 2 ranking. As a high performance model, the versatile ski is especially suitable for experienced mountaineers. The Mythic 87 Pro reached very good results in all categories. 

Handling, skins7,0 / 10
Long turns7,9 / 10
Short turns 7,8 / 10
Stability at speed7,8 / 10
Physical effort7,8 / 10
Overall impression7,9 / 10
Total46,2 / 60

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All test results for the Men's Touring Models 2

RankModelRatingPrice (RRP)
1Blizzard Zero G 9547,8700,00 €
2Hagan Boost 9447,4599,99 €
3Dynastar Mythic 87 Pro46,2699,99 €
4Atomic Backland 9545,9549,95 €
5Elan Ibex 94 Carbon45,4649,95 €
6Stöckli Edge 8845,1899,00 €
7Salomon MTN Explore 9543,7599,00 €
8Fischer Transalp 90 Carbon43,2649,95 €
9Völkl VTA 8842,6599,95 €
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