Ski Review 2023/2024: Touring Skis Men 1 – 85 to 89 mm

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the ski resorts, strap touring skis under your feet and set off into untouched nature. The models in the touring category Men 1 are particularly versatile with a width of up to 89 millimetres and are characterized by their low weight. This makes it easier to ascend and easy to maneuver in a wide variety of terrain. Find out how the models performed in the 2023/2024 WorldSkitest.

Versatile touring skis for effortless ascents

With their low weight, the ascent-oriented models in the category Touring Men I are easy on your energy reserves - whether on long, demanding tours or a short excursion after work. Thanks to their moderate waist width of approx. 85 to 89 millimetres, these skis are agile and responsive and are also well suited for downhill runs on the piste.

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The WorldSkitest 2023 for touring skis was once again held on the Falkert in Carinthia, a popular starting point for the Nockbergetrail. In addition to downhill performance, the touring ski test also evaluates the handling of the skins. >> How the WorldSkitest works

Target group: Touring skiers who want an easy ascent and love the corresponding downhill performance

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Test winner: Atomic Backland 85

Atomic Backland 85
Atomic Backland 85 © Atomic

The Atomic Backland 85 has been given a new look for the 2023/2024 season. However, its impressive performance remains unchanged. Just like last year, this lightweight all-round ski for touring takes the win in the "Touring Men 1" category.  Attaching and removing the skins is uncomplicated and intuitive. It also impressed the testers with its performance on the descent. A total of 46.2 points earned it a test score "very good". The price-performance ratio is also right. The test winner is even the cheapest ski in this category.

Weight: 1,240g/ski (@172cm)

Handling skins7,6 / 10
Long turns7,9 / 10
Short turns7,6 / 10
Smoothness7,6 / 10
Edge grip7,6 / 10
Overall impression7,9 / 10
Final score46,2 / 60
very good

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Second Place: Elan Ripstick Tour 88

Elan Ripstick Tour 88
Elan Ripstick Tour 88 © Elan

With a score of 46.0 points, the Elan Ripstick Tour 88 came in a close second, taking the silver medal. Thanks to its very smooth running, it is particularly fun on long turns. All in all, the Elan made a very good overall impression on the testers. The touring ski is available in six lengths from 148 to 184 centimeters.

Weight: 1,330g/ski (@177cm)

Handling skins7,2 / 10
Long turns7,9 / 10
Short turns7,5 / 10
Smoothness7,8 / 10
Edge grip7,7 / 10
Overall impression7,9 / 10
Final score46,0 / 60
very good

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Third Place: Hagan Core Carbon 89

Hagan Core Carbon 89
Hagan Core Carbon 89 © Hagan

The Hagan Core Carbon 89 takes bronze twice. Its performance in the snow secured it third place in this touring category with 44.9 points and a test score of "very good". The testers also liked the design of the Hagan model, which earned it the bronze medal in SnowStyle on top.

Weight: 1,320g/ski (@170cm)

Handling skins7,2 / 10
Long turns7,7 / 10
Short turns7,4 / 10
Smoothness7,4 / 10
Edge grip7,6 / 10
Overall impression7,6 / 10
Final score44,9 / 60
very good

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All test results for Touring Skis - Men 1

RankSkiPointsRatingPrice (RRP)
1Atomic Backland 8546,2 / 60very good549,99 €
2Elan Ripstick Tour 8846,0 / 60very good649,95 €
3Hagan Core Carbon 8944,9 / 60very good
SnowStyle Bronze
699,00 €
4Fischer Transalp 86 CTI Pro44,5 / 60very good800,00 €
5Völkl Rise Above 8842,6 / 60very good650,00 €
6Nordica Enforcer 88 Unlimited41,3 / 60

SnowStyle Gold

SnowStyle of the Year - Touring

649,95 €
7Salomon MTN 8641,0 / 60good630,00 €
8Rossignol Escaper 87 Nano40,4 / 60good650,00 €
9Kästle TX 87 Up40,2 / 60good
SnowStyle Silver
699,00 €
10Blizzard Zero G 08540,0 / 60good700,00 €

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