Ski Review 2022/2023: Men High Performance

Are you looking for sporty skis, but racing models are too aggressive for you? Then you should take a look at the High Performance category. The models are a perfect mix of racing skis and sporty piste skis and offer experienced skiers a lot of fun without costing too much power. We'll tell you how the new season's models fared in the 2022/2023 WorldSkitest.

Technically high-quality all-rounders

High Performance skis are sporty, versatile and combine the best features from slalom and giant slalom. However, they are less aggressive than the GS and SL models. Whether short or long radii, with them you can experience descents with speed and save power at the same time. For the high performers, however, you still need a certain level of athleticism, experience and fitness. If you don't have that (yet), you're better off in the all-round category.

The men's High Performance models were tested at the WordSkitest 2022 in Silvretta Montafon. For the testers, there was a clear winner this year, but the other models were also able to convince with good to excellent scores.

Target group: sporty and highly athletic piste skiers

>> How the models are tested at the WorldSkitest

Test winner: Atomic Redster X9 S

Atomic Redster X9 S
Atomic Redster X9 S © Atomic

The Atomic Redster X9 S moves up two places in the 2022 ski test and takes the victory in the Men High Performance category. With top scores in all areas and a gap of almost 5 points to second place, it outruns its competitors. The proud score of 44.9 is the best result in the history of the WorldSkitest.

Long turns8,9 / 10
Short turns9,1 / 10
Edge hold9,1 / 10
Stability at speed8,9 / 10
Physical effort8,9 / 10
Final score44,9 / 50

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Second Place: Rossignol Hero Master LT

Rossignol Hero Master LT
Rossignol Hero Master LT © Rossignol

Second place goes to the Rossignol Hero Master LT. With great ratings and the test grade "excellent", it can also convince all along the line. Its strengths lie above all in long turns, edge grip and stability at speed. The testers could not find any weaknesses. In addition, the Hero Master LT is a real eye-catcher and therefore also gets the gold medal in SnowStyle.

Long turns8,1 / 10
Short turns7,8 / 10
Edge hold8,1 / 10
Stability at speed8,2 / 10
Physical effort7,8 / 10
Final score40,0 / 50

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Third Place: Salomon S/Race GS 12

Salomon S/Race GS 12
Salomon S/Race GS 12 © Salomon

Extremely dynamic and smooth running, the Salomon S/Race GS 12 also makes it onto the podium. In addition to its very good and power-saving driving characteristics, the Salomon can also convince with its price-performance ratio. It is not only one of the best, but also one of the cheapest models tested in this category.

Long turns8,0 / 10
Short turns7,6 / 10
Edge hold7,9 / 10
Stability at speed8,0 / 10
Physical effort7,8 / 10
Final score39,3 / 50

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All test results for Men High Performance

RankSkiPointsRatingPrice (RRP)
1Atomic Redster X9 S44,9 / 50excellent1.199,99 €
2Rossignol Hero Master LT40,0 / 50excellent
SnowStyle Gold
1.120,00 €
3Salomon S/Race GS 1239,3 / 50very good950,00 €
4Stöckli Laser WRT Pro38,8 / 50very good
SnowStyle Silver
1.619,00 €
5Fischer The Curv38,4 / 50very good1.049,99 €
6Dynastar Speed Course Master GS38,3 / 50very good1.120,00 €
7Elan Ace SCX Fusion X37,7 / 50very good999,95 €
8Blizzard Firebird WRC35,7 / 50very good1.000,00 €
9Völkl Deacon 7234,8 / 50good900,00 €

(all prices incl. binding)

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