Powder Pancakes: Celebrating Fresh Snow in Aspen

Thanks to continuous fresh snow and numerous blizzards, Aspen, Colorado, boasts ideal conditions for winter sports enthusiasts. Starting this season, skiers and snowboarders enjoy a new culinary highlight as well. From now on, free Powder Pancakes will be served on especially snowy days!

Free Pancakes with New Snow

Skiers enjoy free pancakes with fresh snow in Aspen.
Skiers enjoy free pancakes with fresh snow in Aspen. © Daniel Bayer

Whenever a night has brought at least 8 inches of fresh snow at one of the four Aspen ski resorts, the local restaurants offer free pancakes. From 10 to 11 am, you enjoy the complimentary „Powder Pancakes“ at Elk Camp in Snowmass, or at Sundeck on Aspen Mountain. At Aspen Highlands, you can get them at Merry-Go-Round, and Bumps is the place to go at Buttermilk. After such a breakfast, there's nothing to stop you from having a great day on the fresh powder.

Mouth-Watering Images

We think that's an absolutely yummy idea! This mouth-watering video is sure to have everyone in Aspen wishing for lots of new powder.

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last update on May 23, 2019