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      47 / 60
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      Whakapapa – ski adventure at one of the most active volcanos in New Zealand!

      Solely the fact that you can spend your vacation skiing the flanks of an active volcano will make your holiday at the Mt Ruapehu in the Tongarino National Park on the New Zealand North Island an unforgettable experience! At the mountain stations of the lift facilities you can let your gaze wander across snow capped volcanic peaks, views that are beaten only by the landscape that lies in the west of Whakpapa. Fill your gaze with green hills that seem to roll into the ocean at the Westcoast enthroned only by the Mt Egmont Volcano that rises 2518 m above the ocean. This panorama will leave you breathless and it is not at all bothersome that skiing becomes secondary. Whakapap features great terrain especially for skilled skiers. Beginners and families however will long for easier terrain in the upper parts of the ski resort!

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      jeff van
      Skill: Pro • in Feb 2022
      Travelled as: Group
      very good resort to visit
      went with my professional team and shred the snow with ease
      Oliver duff (Age: 18-25)
      Skill: Pro • in Mai 2022
      Travelled as: Group
      Review from a group perspective very good
      nice place to go for a group of mates. best time of my life.
      Oliver duff rated the following categories
      Joshua Feleti (Age: 26-30)
      Skill: Beginner • in Aug 2020
      Travelled as: Group
      Poor customer services and lack of information
      Our first time going there and we had a bad experience, there is no notice there that we needed to put on snow kits for the tyres luckily we had snow chains and we thought the staff members walking... Read complete review