Ski Resort Sun Peaks Resort in the Northern British Columbia: Position on map

Review Sun Peaks Resort: Backcountry Skiing

Category Freeride: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Patrolled off-piste runs
  • Off-piste area
  • No Avalanche training offered
  • Information on avalanches not available
Freeride 6 / 10
Overall score: 78 / 100

Good Backcountry Skiing

Sun Peaks makes the most of the terrain skiable and available for freeride and powder fans. Burfield and Crystal lifts is where fans of freeride skiing should head to, as most of the resort's ungroomed black diamond runs can be found there, such as Crystal Bowl or Juniper Ridge – which are also the only plantless areas, making for fresh powder all day long.

Anyone who loves skiing in between the numerous trees is better off with Tumble Dry and Lint Trap at Mt. Morrisey. Tumble Dry merges into In Tatters (Double Diamond) or Wringer (Black Diamond). Even though the tree runs are quite wide, they should be chosen carefully, since it is not easy or sometimes not even possible to switch onto a designated blue slope.

However, we love that tree skiing at Sun Peaks is a fun experience even for skiers who consider themselves beginners: The tree runs at Mt. Morrisey are groomed and there are only smaller tree populations from time to time – great place to start into freeride skiing!