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Resl (Age: 26-30)
Skill: Pro • in Feb 2018
Travelled as: Group
In my opinion not suitable for beginners. Blue pistes appear more like red ones. We had to look at the plan very often to find our right
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Susi (Age: 31-35)
Skill: Beginner • in Feb 2018
Travelled as: Group
The first downhill that everyone who wants to drive blue runs down, when he comes up the chair lift at the Waldkopfstüberl, is very steep for a blue slope (and was today a single ice sheet). Nice wide, but as blue steam only conditionally suitable for beginners.
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Skill: Pro • in Feb 2006
Travelled as: Alone
The ski area "Sudelfeld" offers a huge range for beginners!
In the "beginners" category, the Sudelfeld ski area gets our highest rating of 5 stars. In addition to an excellent quiet area for absolute beginners in Bayrischzell, the ski area itself also has e... Read complete review
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