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Schöneben - Haideralm

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Value for Money 9 / 10
Overall: 79 / 100
  • No parking fees
  • Food prices
  • Reasonable ticket rates
  • Reasonable prices for beverages
  • No discount specials


Value for Money

User Reviews

Uwe (Age: 46-50)
Skill: Pro • in Feb 2019
Travelled as: Family
Is in normal to lower midfield. Ski pass due to the great usability (from Nauders to Schöneben to Sulden) ok. Food prices normal.
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Stanislav Genov (Age: 46-50)
Skill: Pro • in Feb 2017
Travelled as: Family
Probably the best value for money in South Tyrol and way beyond. The family ski pass price is unbeaten throughout the surrounding Alps, the snow guarantee is 100%, the slope preparation is more than perfect.
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