Ski Resort Schnalstal Glacier - Alpin Arena Senales in the Meraner Land: Position on map

Review Schnalstal Glacier - Alpin Arena Senales: Expert Skiing

Category Advanced: Official review by Snow-Online.com
      Advanced 8 / 10
      Overall score: 77 / 100

      A total of 6 intermediate level trailsl!

      The ski resort „Schnalstal“, located at the mountain village „Kurzras“, offers 6 intermediate (red) descents. Particularly recommendable are the „Hintereis“ run H, as well as the racing run L1 next to the „Lazaun“ chair lift. Carving fans should check out the wide intermediate (red) and easy (blue) runs G2 or G3 located at the glacier plateau.

       The skiing area also has 3 black runs „on the menu“ . The runs R1 and R2 are particularly recommendable to pro riders. The black base area descent down to „Kurzras“ is rather unchallenging for top riders and can also be managed by advanced skiers and snowboarders.