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      Overall score:
      50 / 60
      *6 out of 10 categories rated

      A top resort for experienced skiers and boarders!

      Revelstoke Mountain Resort lives up to every aspect of its reputation. There are countless glade runs and powder slopes, and you’ll find that a short climb of just a few minutes will often take you up to some very unique back bowls. Thanks in part to its relatively steep terrain, it’s experienced skiers and snowboarders who are going to feel most at home. But leisure winter athletes will also find quite a few intermediate trails, particularly in the lower part of the ski area. It’s really only true beginners who might find the challenge too great and should be careful to only attempt trails that they will really be able to handle. Though there is no actual terrain park at the resort, the varied terrain between the trees makes Revelstoke a natural terrain park of sorts. Under no circumstances whatsoever should you ever cross Ski Area Boundary. The extremely high avalanche risk and very steep cliffs in unsecured areas can prove life-threatening. As for your well-deserved beer after a long day of skiing, you may not find it right at the base of the ski area, but you won’t have to look very hard once you reach the city just a short 5km away. There you will find a number of pubs and restaurants for the refreshment you seek and more than enough to eat. All aspects considered, it’s hardly a surprise that Revelstoke continues to grow in popularity despite its isolated location.

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