Ski Resort Revelstoke Mountain Resort in the Mount Revelstoke National Park: Position on map

Review Revelstoke Mountain Resort: Expert Skiing

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      Varied terrain for athletic skiers!

      Revelstoke is known to many active winter athletes as an “expert” ski resort. But even leisure skiers will find here quite a few intermediate trails (“blue” trails in Canada), particularly in the area from the upper and mid-way terminals of the Revelation gondola, where the varied terrain will definitely keep them entertained. A total of seven intermediate trails run down to the gondola’s mid-way terminal. From there you can choose between a total of six different blue trails to take back down to the base. If you’d like to change it up a bit and take on some steeper slopes, you’ll find more than enough opportunities to put your abilities to the test on the black and blue trails surrounding the chairlift “The Stoke.” More strapping skiers can ski “The Stoke” from its upper terminal the entire 1713 elevational meters of difference all the way down to the base without leaving the more challenging slopes. For a little more variety, we recommend the North Bowl Area, which you can get to by taking the “Riper Connector” trail. Once you get there, you’ll find three very nice intermediate trails (“The Chopper,” “Denver Dollars” and “Burn Down”) around the chairlift The Ripper. If that’s still not enough, in the same area you’ll also be able to do some nice glade runs on the side.

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