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Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Great variety of slopes for advanced skiers
  • Guaranteed to have great snow
  • Great value for money
  • Lots of easy terrain
  • Designated areas for children
  • Great variety of slopes
  • Some older lifts
  • Après-Ski could be better
Overall score:
78 / 100

Plenty of Experiences to Take in at Panorama Mountain

Say “Panorama Mountain“ and you probably think of – well, yes – panoramic mountain views. However, there is more to the ski resort located in the Purcell Mountains and Kootenay Rockies, respectively, of southeastern British Columbia than just its alpine vistas: From powder newbies to seasoned skiers and riders, Panorama is where to get your money's worth.

Panorama Mountain is a paradise for both experts and families with beginners. Plenty of nursery slopes and areas as well as tons of easy, wide-open and thus definitely doable runs make for a great learning experience for first-time skiers. Plus, the local ski school offers private and group lessons for all levels. What's more is there are tons of off-piste activities such as snowtubing, ice skating or a visit to the Panorama Springs Pools.

For those who are past their bunny slope sessions and ski school lessons, Panorama is an El Dorado. Numerous black and double diamond runs around Summit Squad plus outstanding terrain for some neat carving sessions, such as Schober's Dream Run, are reasons to be excited for when coming to Panorama.

In addition, Panorama lives up to the expectations of fans of freestyle and freeride skiing. Known as part of the Powder Highway, you will be awestruck by how incredible the place is! Taynton Bowl, a former heli-skiing area, is home to loads of black diamond runs; this area is patrolled and avalanche-controlled.

Verdict is in: We're sure that a visit to Panorama Mountain could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship! So, make sure to not miss out on this gorgeous part of British Columbia!