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Review Lake Louise Ski Resort: Beginner Skiing

Lake Louise Ski Resort

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last update on Aug 16, 2022
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Beginner 8 / 10
Overall: 78 / 100
  • Great variety of ski schools and lessons offered
  • Enough easy slopes at the base station
  • Great variety of runs for beginners
  • Good access to the beginner area
  • Well equipped kids park
  • Designated beginner areas

    Fantastic Learning Area – Avoid Back Bowls

    Lake Louise is a great destination for beginners and newbies who are still learning how to ski. The Sunny Learning Area is conveniently located adjacent to the Day Care Center just off the Lake Louise Ski Resort's base area. Friendly attendants are always on hand and private as well as group lessons are offered for all ability levels for both children and adults.

    What we liked best at Lake Louise is that there were not only slope marking stakes and great signposting: There was extra information about which run would be the easiest way down from wherever you stand, which would be a worthwile investment for European ski resorts as well!

    What's more is there are tons of designated green and blue runs, which means that the ski resort is full of runs for beginners. Unfortunately, the Back Bowls is an area to keep away from. Although there are plenty of runs and loads of them are designated as doable, most of them are ungroomed and more of a plan B to the black and double diamond runs.

    There is a discount available for anyone who solely wants to explore the ski resort's learning area plus magic carpet. Beginners and kids will thus not have to pay the full life ticket price.


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