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      40 / 50
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      Deer Valley Resort – Excellent slopes, service and snow!

      Deer Valley Resort offers service above average (compared to the American standard even excellent), well groomed runs and of course Utah's famous fine and fluffy powder. Due to the climatic conditions and their special philosophy, the ski region's operators, if necessary, help out with artificial snow only until January, as the region usually is blessed with an abundance of natural snow during almost the entire season.
      As Deer Valley is spread over six different mountains, it offers ski trails of any kind of difficulty level. The runs on the the 2,865m (9,400ft) high Bald Mountain are suitable for both ambitious amateur winter sports enthusiasts and professional skiers. On 2,774m (9,100ft) altitude, the runs from the top of Flagstaff Mountain down to Snow Park Lodge are slopes especially families and beginners frequently use.
      Gourmets may enjoy the excellent cuisine provided by numerous outstanding restaurants on-site or bring the day to a close with a beer or a glass of wine at the “Beach” at Silver Lake Lodge.
      All in all, Deer Valley Resort is a ski area with a family atmosphere, prioritizing the well-being of their guests. For this reason, skiers and vacationers in general like to frequently return to this excellent ski resort.

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