Ski Resort Rinerhorn Davos in Davos Klosters: Position on map

Review Rinerhorn Davos: Backcountry Skiing

Category Freeride: Official review by Snow-Online.com
      Freeride 8 / 10
      Overall score: 79 / 100

      Freeride paradise „Davos“!

      At all 5 areas of the „Davos“ resort you’ll find paradisial freeride conditions should snowcover be good. Thanks to the clear structure of the resort areas you won’t have any problems to find back to the lift facilities. All those who prefer to keep to designated slopes are offered several safe but ungroomed descents. Real cracks should check out the ungroomed downhill run at „Madrisa“. But not only the slopes will leave you breathless. The view of the Swiss alpine panorama is truly dazzling. Should you prefer a hard and groomed slope we recommend to check out other areas of the resort where you have a larger choice of entertaining runs. At „Madrisa“ you won’t really find challenging grommed trails. At the „Rinerhorn“ however even very skilles skiers can spend some fun moments. The terrain is predominantly of intermediate level and quite entertaining for at least half a day. And adrenaline seekers can meet a challenge on the two difficult (black) runs and two demanding ungroomed ski routes.