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Terrain Parks 7 / 10
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      Terrain park and two ski routes!

      The ski resort Balderschwang offers novice riders some 10 km of easy terrain for first turns on snowy grounds. Especially recommendable for first timers is the Geschwendlift II as it gives access to a designated snowboarders-only trail and thus riders and skiers won’t get in eachothers way. Experienced snowbaorders have a total of 20 km of intermediate and difficult level terrain at their disposal. If you get your kick out of speeding check out the FIS- Trail 1 and the Kreuzle Trail 16 by the Riederberghornbahn Lift. If you are looking for some ungroomed grounds the ski routes 14 and 18 will be your best choice. And all those who want to get their fill on air time have a small terrain park at their disposal which features jumps, rails and boxes right at the Raubachlift. In the snowboarding category Baldeschwang receives 3.5 out of 5 possible stars.


      Beginner 8Advanced 8Freeride 7Terrain Parks 7Family 9Nightlife 6Service--Snow--Value for Money--On Mountain Dining--

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      Bernie Ski
      Bernie Ski
      Skill: n.V. • in Dec 2015
      Travelled as: n.V.
      A fun park is available at Gschwandlift II.
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