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Michael (Age: 41-45)
Skill: Pro • in Dec 2023
Travelled as: Family
If you have a big wallet, this is the right place for you
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Tim (Age: 18-25)
Skill: Pro • in Jan 2022
Travelled as: Family
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Andrin (Age: 14-18)
Skill: Pro • in Feb 2020
Travelled as: Alone
For families there are many slopes. Many blue and wide slopes. Unfortunately the crossing from Silleren to Geils is miserable because almost everybody has to pass through and it is only a narrow ro... Read complete review
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Skill: Pro • in Apr 2008
Travelled as: Family
Perfect subdivisions for families!
A total of 185 kilometers of slopes seem a bit big and confusing for families with small children at first glance. However, the good thing about Adelboden-Lenk for families is that it is divided in... Read complete review
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