Accommodation Berghütten Ferienwohnungen Offenau in the Mostviertel: Position on map

Berghütten Ferienwohnungen Offenau in Göstling an der Ybbs

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The Mountain Lodge

They would like to sit skiing in the high-carat and biggest skiing area of Niederöstereich and in the evening comfortably together and enjoy calmly, then you are right with us in earthy quiet atmosphere and Alleinlage.

In our huts, holiday apartments for self-caterers families, children, pairs or groups are warmly a welcome!

Going cross-country skiing and sledges possibly!

Offenau----> high-level cirque----> 25 minutes of journey by the car.
4 SEASONS " Huts for self-caterers" you search place for a party which one does not forget so fast?! Birthday or just the life celebrate?! Or a romantic soft hut for "TWO"?!--------Or in summer in varied manner with children the wood experience. have a barbecue. the curiosity of the children to be of use and to go with them together on Ent-cover trip - children need to be cured nature, mud, bushes and elbowroom around of the illnesses of the civilisation. Healthy souls see the nature, are people who were as a child because of her deep natural attachment freely from all that behavioural disorder which one too often diagnoses with today´s children, unfortunately. Also ideally for patchwork families = Stieffamilien---flora and fauna nature Purely experience---Undergo a Kneipp cure by aerial height – positive walk playfully Barefoot about the tasty moor. Expert sign-posting tells like a high-level moor originates …

Holiday apartment "A" from 2 to 10 people
Holiday apartment "B" from 2 to 12 people
Offenauer hut "C" from 2 to 9 people
Offenauer hut "D" from 2 to 9 people
Schweigeben hut "E" from 2 to 16 people

Many photos find them in the homepage www.offenau.at
Parking Area with direct access
Saunas: 0
Pools (inside): 0
Pools (outdoors): 0
Sun Deck


All rooms with their own shower


Berghütten Ferienwohnungen Offenau
Hochreith 8
Göstling an der Ybbs


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