Highest Ski Resorts in Abruzzo

is higher than
Not specified
Top Station 2,360 m
Base Station 1,170 m
Drop 1,190 m
Ski Resort
Not specified
Top Station 2,200 m
Base Station 1,100 m
Drop 1,100 m
Ski Resort
51 of 66 trails open
Top Station 2,140 m
Base Station 1,240 m
Drop 900 m
Ski Resort
20 of 23 trails open
Top Station 1,916 m
Base Station 1,434 m
Drop 482 m
Ski Resort
Not specified
Top Station 1,600 m
Base Station 1,400 m
Drop 200 m
Ski Resort

The 5 highest Ski Resorts in Abruzzo

  Name Elevation
1.Campo di Giove 2,360 m
2.Campo Imperatore Gran Sasso 2,200 m
3.Alto Sangro Roccaraso 2,140 m
4.Rocca di Cambio 1,916 m
5.Cappadocia Campo Rotondo 1,600 m

Ski Resorts in Abruzzo

The highest altitude resort in Abruzzo is Campo di Giove with its base at 1,170 m and the highest lifted point at 2,360 m. All 5 ski resorts are ranked by the following criteria:
  • Base elevation
  • Summit elevation
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