Cross-Country Skiing Area Stuhleck Semmering in the Hochsteiermark: Position on map

Cross-Country Skiing Stuhleck Semmering

Trail Map Stuhleck Semmering

The Cross-Country Area

Cross-country skiiing

 Be active and get healthy - Cross Country Skiing -  one of the healthiest sports!


Leave the snowy landscape to itself and to the soul.Free use of trails:

  • Spital - Steinhaus (slightly) 2 km
  • Steinhaus - Semmering (medium) 6 km
  • Dürrgraben extension (heavy) 2.7 km - landscape very attractive!
  • The processing of the trail will vary according to the weather situation
  • Interesting facts

    • The highest point of the track is 2690 ft above sea level.
    • Snow coverage is usually best during February, offering an average snow depth of 39 " at summit elevation and 15 " at the base.


    Rate the Cross-Country Skiing Area

    Weather (2549 ft)


    Elevation2549 ft - 2690 ft
    Skating 0 miles
    Classic 1.24 miles
    Lighted trails N/A

    Cross-Country Trails

    Overall 1.2 miles