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Cross-Country Skiing Savognin

Trail Map Savognin

The Cross-Country Area

We have groomed 44 km of cross-country trails in our holiday region for long-distance skiers and for aficionados. Flood-lit circular tracks in Savognin, Bivio and Alvaneu facilitate skating and classic cross-country skiing until 10 p.m.

Savognin-La Nars-Tinizong 8 km
Below Tinizong there is a beautiful flat trail with distances in the forest.
Start at ski school, Savognin

Savognin-Tinizong-Rona-Mulegns 26 km
Flat trail with a challenging acclivity between Tinizong and Rona.
Start at ski school, Savognin
Possibility: Return with the bus

Rona-Hochebene-Mulegns 10 km
This trail connects the beautiful villages Rona and Mulegns. The distance has easy acclivities and descentes.
Start at Rona opposite the post office.

Lighted trail in Savognin 2 km
The night-trial is in the flat of La Nars and until 22.00 Uhr lighted.  
Start at ski school, Savognin

Bivio-Marmorera-Bivio 12 km
This trail goes from Bivio through the forest to Marmorera and Stalvedro.
Start: Between Bivio and Residenza Plaz

Lighted trail in Bivio 1 km
The night-trail is in the flat of Gravella and until 22.00 Uhr lighted.
Start: between Bivio and Residenza Plaz

Schmitten 1 km
Small but sunny trail.

Tip: With your Savognin Pass the use of the cross-country trails is free.

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Stradung 42
Phone+41 (0)81 659 16 16


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Trail Conditions

Weather (4921 ft)


Elevation3937 ft - 5906 ft
Skating 38.59 miles
Classic 37.1 miles
Lighted trails 2.24 miles

Cross-Country Trails

Overall 38.6 miles