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Cross-Country Skiing Livigno

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The Cross-Country Area

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The sunny high valley around Livigno is home to approximately 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) of cross-country trails. Classic skiers as well as skaters find easy as well as challenging tracks at an elevation of 1,800 metres (5,906 ft). No matter what trail you go for, or which technique you use, there's one thing you can be sure of: at Livigno, Nordic skiers can enjoy beautiful landscape, fresh air, and peaceful quiet.

First Trail Open in October

 Thanks to its snowfarming, Livigno is able to start grooming the first 5km trail for expert skiers to practise as early as October. A large snow depot set up in spring survives the summer tanks to sheets and silo covers. The first groomed track is the expert trail "Pista Fondo" at the edge of town.

Besides its relatively plane surface, it is its high snow safety that makes Livigno a paradise for cross-country enthusiasts. Beginners and skiers who are just getting back into cross-country will find ideal conditions for practising. Cross-country skiing courses are available as well, for those who would like to learn the right techniques with the help of a professional. Furthermore, you can try the combination sport biathlon at Livigno.

The International Sgambeda-Ski Marathon

La Sgambeda, an international cross-country ski marathon, kicks off the Nordic winter sports season at Livigno in December. Besides professional athletes, hobby skiers area also allowed to take part in the famous competition, which is part of the prestigious "Swix Ski Classic Events". The approximately 1,300 participants have to ski a total of 42 kilometres (26 miles). Parts of the race go along local roads that are groomed especially for the event. Junior skiiers can put their ability to the test at the MiniSgambeda one day in advance.

The Most Beautiful Tracks

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A Must for Experts - Marianna Longa

Experienced cross-country skiers should not miss out on the expert trail "Marianna Longa". Designed by local Fausto Bornetti, a former professional cross-country skier, it has a number of challenges for your skill and stamina. Snowmaking is available for part of the trail.

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Getting Here

By car

Approaching from Bolzano, Livigno is easily accessible via SS42. Follow the road until Ponte di Legno, then change onto SP29. Once in Bormio, take SS301 to Livigno. If you're travelling from Switzerland, you get to Livigno via Fuorn Pass, Munt la Schera tunnel, and Passo del Gallo.



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Trail Conditions

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Elevation5958 ft - 6234 ft
Opening DayOct 28, 2023
Closing DayApr 7, 2024
Skating 18.64 miles
Classic 18.64 miles
Lighted trails 3.11 miles