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Elevation: 1181.1 ft
Webcam located at Race Arena for Alpine World Cup.
21 °F
temporarily unavailable
Elevation: 2782.2 ft
Located at the west slopes of the ski area Idre Fjäll in Sweden the webcam shows the chair lift Väst 6an.
28 °F
5 hours ago
Elevation: 1952.1 ft
Have a look at the slopes in the Sälen Högfjället ski resort in Sweden.
30 °F
temporarily unavailable
Webcam located at top station in Tandadalen ski resort, Sweden.
30 °F
4 hours ago
Elevation: 229.7 ft
Webcam located at top station of Hammarbybacken Ski Resort
46 °F
15 hours ago
The webcam at the lower station at Dundret skiresort is located towards the dundret express t-bar lift. It also shows you the mountain Dundret.
18 °F
temporarily unavailable
Have a look at the slopes in the Fjätervalen ski resort in Sweden.
5 hours ago
Have a look at the base station of the Skalet Express in the Vemdalsskalet ski resort.
temporarily unavailable
Elevation: 1161.4 ft
This webcam is located in the Kåbdalis ski resort in Sweden.
5 hours ago
Have a look to the base station of the Grizzly Express chair lift in the Björnrike ski resort.
temporarily unavailable
Elevation: 1496.1 ft
Webcam located at base station of Klövsjö, a ski resort in Sweden.
temporarily unavailable
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Skiing high up in the North

Sweden counts as one of the largest countries in Europe. While Sweden has more of a flat landscape in the eastern part of the country, in the western part at the border to Norway you will find the Scandinavian Mountains. The Skanderna (original name in Sweden) spread out far into the west and mountains there reach a height of up to 2,000 meters (6561,6 ft). On Swedish ground the Kebnekaise marks with 2,111 meters (6925,8 ft) the highest summit of the Scandinavian Alps. The skiing regions can be found spread out over the entire massif.

The most famous skiing region is called Åre where first in 1954 the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships took place. Other World Cup competitions are held here regularly as well. With almost 90 descends it is the largest ski resort in Sweden. The ski resort around Sälen is also very popular. The skiing regions close to the villages Lindvallen, Högfjället, Tandådalen and Hundfjälllet have a total of 100 slopes available. Freestyle skiers and snowboarders are most at home in Kläppen. The Snow Park is supposedly the best in the country.

The impressive nature of Sweden is not only found when racing down mountains. The Swedish cuisine is inspired by the beautiful nature of the country. Visitors can enjoy wild berries, chanterelles, pickled seafood like herring or crab as well as reindeer and elk.

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