Ski Resort Liftverbund Feldberg in the Black Forest: Position on map

Webcams Liftverbund Feldberg

Elevation: 1484 m
Vista from the tower at Feldberg facing South. You can spot the Alps if visibility is good
41 minutes ago
Cross Country track Stuebenwasenspur, mount Notschrei
Elevation: 1364 m
Cross country skiing track Stuebenwasen in the Black Forest
4 hours ago
Cross Country Skiing Center Notschrei
Elevation: 1193 m
Outlook of the cross country skiing center at mount Notschrei
32 minutes ago
Camping site Schluchsee
Elevation: 991 m
View from the public pool Aqua Fun
3 hours ago
Belchen skiing area
Elevation: 1235 m
View over the skiing area of Belchen in the Black Forest
1 hour ago
Ski area Belchen
Elevation: 1235 m
View over the skiing area of Belchen
1 hour ago
Base station Belchen
Elevation: 1354 m
View of the base station in Belchen
28 minutes ago
Menzenschwander mountain hut
Elevation: 1215 m
View from Mezenschwander mountain hut on the ski slopes of Zell
8 hours ago
Krunkelbachtal valley
Elevation: 884 m
View from guest house Kaiser on Mösle ski lift
32 minutes ago
Todtnau in the Black Forest
Elevation: 1218 m
Todtnau (in the background: Aftersteg, Muggenbrunn and Todtnauberg)
21 minutes ago
Todtnauberg in the southern Black Forest
Elevation: 1100 m
View from Bucklift (Todtnauberg, Black Forest)
2 hours ago
Hasenhorn mountain
Elevation: 691 m
View on Hasenhorn mountain near Todtnau
14 minutes ago
Aftersteg ski lift
Elevation: 923 m
Aftersteg: view on the ski lift
24 minutes ago
Guest house Keller
Elevation: 1050 m
View from guest house Keller (Todtnauberg)
8 hours ago
Elevation: 1337 m
Webcam at Grafenmatthöchst in the ski resort Feldberg
3 days ago
Elevation: 971 m
View from Mühelngrund in Feldberg-Altglashütten direction Falkau
29 minutes ago
Elevation: 970 m
Bärental - View direction Seebachtal
3 hours ago
Rothaus slope
Elevation: 1032 m
View on Rothaus slope
4 hours ago
Elevation: 1445 m
View on Seebuck-peak
3 hours ago
Top of the Feldberg
Elevation: 1389 m
Seebuck top station: view on Feldberg peak
51 minutes ago
Outlook at Belchen
Elevation: 1360 m
Outlook at the top station of Belchen cable car
49 minutes ago
Skilifte Hofeck
Elevation: 986 m
Recent pictures from the base station of the lifts Hofeck
50 minutes ago
View to the Feldberg
Elevation: 998 m
Located at Klausenhof the webcam faces Feldberg and the valley Dreisamtal
20 minutes ago
Seebuck base station
Elevation: 1435 m
Feldberg - View from Seebuck base station
4 hours ago
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Upper 1450 m
Lower 850 m
max 12 °C

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Feldberg can be counted among the best resorts north of the Alps! It receives above-average marks in all categories which really speaks for itself! The Feldberg offers something to fit any fancy...
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