Ski Resort 4 Berge Skischaukel in Schladming-Dachstein: Position on map

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4 Berge Skischaukel
Planai Top Station
Elevation: 6240.2 ft
Check out the slopes of Schladming. Here you can spot the Planai, where "The Nightrace" takes place since 1997.
4 hours ago
Kaibling 6 seater base station (1268m)
Elevation: 4147 ft
The base station of the 6-seater in Hauser Kaibling
6 hours ago
Top Station 6 Seater Chairlift
Elevation: 6102.4 ft
View off the top station of Gasselhöhebahn II
2 hours ago
Schladming - Top Station Planai Gondola
Elevation: 5981 ft
Enjoy the view from the top station of the Planai gondola at the ski area Schlaming-Planai.
5 hours ago
Hochwurzen Base Station
Elevation: 3750 ft
The webcam shows you the gondola Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen as well as the chairlift Rohrmoos II.
4 hours ago
Hauser Kaibling (Styria) - Downhill Höfi Express
Elevation: 4865.5 ft
One can see the blue-marked Höfi Express descent (No.3.) in the ski resort Hauser Kaibling (Schladming-Dachstein, Styria).
6 hours ago
Mountain hut village "Almwelt Austria"
Elevation: 3937 ft
View towards the mountain hut village "Almwelt Austria" near the slope Schnepf'n
2 hours ago
View towards ski resort Fageralm (Schladming-Dachstein)
Elevation: 5780.8 ft
From the Reiteralm ski area one gets this good view towards the ski resort Fageralm (Schladming-Dachstein, Styria). A free ski bus connects the...
58 minutes ago
Hauser Kaibling, Schladming-Dachstein - View from valley station Höfi Express I
Elevation: 3756.6 ft
From the valley station of the Höfi Express I one gets this view towards the bar Gumpen and the hotel Höflehner in Gumpenberg.
6 hours ago
Reiteralm Mid Station
Elevation: 4494.8 ft
View around the middle station of Reiteralm facing the kids' area, the hut Jagastüberl and the top station of Silver Jet.
5 hours ago
Panoramic view from hotel Herrschaftstaverne towards village Haus im Ennstal, Styria
Elevation: 2500 ft
The panoramic camera opens the view towards the village of Haus im Ennstal in Styria. With good weather conditions the summits of the following...
3 hours ago
Hauser Kaibling (Styria) - Top station chairlift 'Alm 6er'
Elevation: 5232.9 ft
This webcam is located at the mountain station of the chairlift "Alm 6er" at 1,945 meters in the ski area Hauser Kaibling in Styria, Austria.
6 hours ago
Preunegg Base Area
Elevation: 3379.3 ft
View from the base towards the base station of Preunegg Jet and the slope Holzerabfahrt
5 hours ago
Reiteralm - Top stations Sepp'n Jet and Preunegg Jet
Elevation: 5748 ft
This webcam is located above the reservoir lake in the ski resort Reiteralm (Styria). On the left side one can see the mountain station of the...
6 hours ago
Reiteralm - base station Preunegg Jet
Elevation: 3441.6 ft
View of the base station of cable car Preunegg Jet in the Styrian ski area Reiteralm.
6 hours ago
360 degree Panoramic view, Hauser Kaibling
Elevation: 6056.4 ft
This webcam gives you a fantastic Panorama of the iconic 1015 meter high Hauser Kaibling.
3 hours ago
Lärchkogel Planai
Elevation: 5725.1 ft
This webcam shows the view from the top of the Lärchkogel-Chair in Schladming.
3 hours ago
Top of Hochwurzen
Elevation: 6020.3 ft
This webcam shows a panorama view of the Hochwurzen mountain.
2 hours ago
Base station of the gondola in Hauser Kaibling (728 m)
Elevation: 2408.1 ft
The webcam shows the base station of the gondola at Hauser Kaibling
6 hours ago
Hauser Kaibling Ski Resort: Top station Quattralpina
Elevation: 6040 ft
Webcam at the top station Quattralpina (1865 m)
6 hours ago
FIS Trail at Hauser Kaibling Ski Resort
Elevation: 5357.6 ft
FIS trail seen from the "Du & I Alm"
6 hours ago
Service Center Hauser Kaibling
Elevation: 3835.3 ft
View from the service center at Hauser Kaibling Ski Resort
6 hours ago
Top station of the Höfi Express II lift
Elevation: 5892.4 ft
Top station of the Höfi Express II lift at Hauser Kaibling ski resort
13 minutes ago
Preunegg Jet upper station
Elevation: 4491.5 ft
The webcam is located at the mountain station of Preunegg cable car and shows the intermediate slope number 5 and the Austrian Alps.
58 minutes ago
Mid station of the Tauern Seilbahn (1381m)
Elevation: 4107.6 ft
Mid station of the Tauern Seilbahn at Hauser Kaibling ski resort
5 days ago
Top Station Höfi Express I
Elevation: 4921.3 ft
Webcam at the top station of the Höfi Express I Lift at Hauser Kaibling ski resort
6 hours ago
Reiteralm: View Hotel Raunerhof
Elevation: 3254.6 ft
View towards Hotel Raunerhof in Schladming, Reiteralm Ski Resort.
4 hours ago
Top station Reiteralm
Elevation: 2887.1 ft
View towards Fageralm
5 hours ago

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With more than 123km of slopes, the 4-Berge Skischaukel (4 mountains skiing circuit), comprising the ski resorts Planai Schladming, Hochwurzen, Hauser Kaibling as well as Reiteralm, is by far...

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