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Zittau Mountains - Lückendorf
Elevation: 1496.1 ft
The camera is located in the climatic health resort Lückendorf in the Zittau Mountains.
5 hours ago
Railway Station Oybin
Elevation: 1325.5 ft
Webcam shows you the train station of Oybin, located in Saxony, Germany.
3 hours ago
Railway Station Jonsdorf
Elevation: 1486.2 ft
Webcam shows the railway station of Jonsdorf in Saxony. Not far from there you can find a small ski resort.
3 hours ago
Olbersdorfer See, Saxony
Elevation: 784.1 ft
Webcam shows you the Zittlauer Gebirge, in the foreground you can spot the Olbersdorfer See.
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