Cross-Country Skiing Area Ruhpolding Bavarian Alps: Position on map

Webcams Ruhpolding

Ruhpolding - Livestream of Chiemgau Arena
Elevation: 2365.5 ft
Webcam located at Chiemgau Arena in Ruhpolding.
5 hours ago
Ruhpolding, Bavaria
Elevation: 2175.2 ft
Live pictures from Ruhpolding in the popular holiday region Chiemgau, Bavaria.
6 hours ago
Ruhpolding: Panoramic View
Elevation: 2283.5 ft
Beautiful view of Ruhpolding village and the mountains surrounding.
5 hours ago
Ruhpolding - Mt. Rauschberg
Elevation: 5262.5 ft
Enjoy the view from the top station at the mount Rauschberg near Ruhpolding in the Chiemgau Alps.
2 hours ago
Ski arena westernberg
Elevation: 2181.8 ft
Pistes for beginner and children in the ski arena western mountain in ruhpolding.
6 hours ago
Ruhpolding - Unternberg Top of the Lift
Elevation: 4603 ft
View from the top station of the Unternberg lift in Ruhpolding, Upper Bavaria.
6 hours ago
Chiemgau Arena, Ruhpolding
Elevation: 2355.6 ft
The webcam shows the Chiemgau Arena close to Ruhpolding. Every year the IBU Biathlon Worldcup takes place here.
temporarily unavailable
Rauschberg summit
Elevation: 5301.8 ft
The webcam is located at the summit of Rauschberg mountain and shows Ruhpolding.
6 hours ago
Ruhpolding: View Chiemgau Coaster
Elevation: 2168.6 ft
Have a look at the new Chiemgau Coaster in Ruhpolding, Upper Bavaria.
4 hours ago
Zeller-Hof Hotel
Elevation: 2227.7 ft
The webcam is situated at Zeller Hof Hotel in the south of Ruhpolding.
6 hours ago
Ruhpolding: Lift Unternberg
Elevation: 4435.7 ft
View on the conveyor lift
6 hours ago
Ski area Westernberg Ruhpolding
Elevation: 2234.3 ft
Webcam at the station at the bottom of t-bar-lift at the skiarena western mountain in ruhpolding
6 hours ago
Accommodation "Beim Waicher"
Elevation: 2270.3 ft
Live pictures from the accommodation "Beim Waicher" in the holiday region Chiemgau.
8 hours ago
Ruhpolding - Steinberger Hof
Elevation: 2358.9 ft
From the Hotel Steinbergerhof the webcam shows parts of Ruhpolding in the Chiemgau region, Bavaria.
8 hours ago
View to Ruhpolding ("Bojernhof")
Elevation: 2283.5 ft
South-west view from the Bojernhof accommodation to Ruhpolding.
6 hours ago

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