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Ski Review 2018/19: Allmountain Models Allmountain models win over more and more skiers each year. The allrounders are characterised by their diversity: as well as on groomed slopes, they promise a pleasurable ride off-piste and on powder, while at the same time saving the... read more...
Ski Review 2018/19: Men High Performance If you enjoy sporty, swift runs down perfectly groomed slopes, the "Men High Performance" models are for you. This type of ski has grown increasingly popular with sporty to athletic skiers in the past few years. Precise, short radi work just as... read more...
Ski Review Ladies Allround 2018/19 A unique mix of style, performance, and price, is what makes these ladies' models so attractive. Due to its high comfort, they are ideally suited to women wanting to spend a recreational day on the slopes. As they offer maximum security and... read more...
Ski Review 2018/19: Men Allround These allround models promise perfect skiing peasure on the slopes! After a long day on these forgiving skis, you won't have to go straight to bed from exhaustion. The perfect companion for recreational skiers, they are perfect for gentle turnes... read more...
Ski Review 2018/19: Freeride Over 100 mm A model from the category "Freeride Over 100 mm" is your perfect equipment for a great powder day. The freeriders promis maximum fun off-piste, no mater if you wag through fresh snow, or make your way through heavy deep snow. They also ensure an... read more...
Ski Review Men Race GS 2018/2019 These giant slalom models easily allow for perfect long carving turns. Even at higher speeds, and on rough, icy slopes, this pair of skis provides stability and smooth running, giving you the sense of security needed for sublime skiing pleasure. read more...


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