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The New Ski Movies 2018 – with Trailers and Tour Dates

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last update on Oct 29, 2018

Even more authentic and closer to the athletes - that's the goal of many ski films published in autumn 2018. Freeriders, freestylers, and tour goers with their action packed runs and jumps all whet one's appetite for winter.

We found the best new productions along with their trailers. A majority of the films will be screened on tours around the world. Some of them are available for free to download from the internet. You can find all the information under the respective movie.

And now lean back and enjoy a good serving of powder pleasure!

Face of Winter - Warren Miller

In "Face of Winter", top athletes pay tribute to legend Warren Miller, who died in January 2018, at the age of 93. He understood like no other how to capture the magic of skiing, and bring it to the big screen. This year's film shows that everyone gives a face to winter. From athletes to spectators and locals of remote mountain regions: Warren Miller brings people together through the passion for snow.

>> Watch the official Face of Winter trailer

On a big tour from mid-October to January, the film will be screened at many places in Europa and North America. (>> dates and tickets).

HOJI - Matchstick Productions

Matchstick Productions enters autumn 2018 with two new flickers. "HOJI" revolves around freeski legend Eric Hjorleifson. He doesn't waste many words, but rather lets his runs speak for themselves. Although he is only scarcely present on social media, he is one of the big figures in the scene. The film goes on tour mid-October, with venues in Europe and North America (>> see the tour dates).

All In - Matchstick Productions

Matchstick Productions's second flicker for autumn 2018, "All In", accompanies a group of young women. With spectacular runs in exotic places, the female crew declare war on the male dominated ski movie scene. Besides the stunning images, a dose of humour is not amiss either. "All In"'s film tour starts in mid-October as well, touring North America and Europe (>> see the dates).

Evolution of Dreams - Eva Walkner und Jackie Paaso

Eiger mountain's incredibly steep west face is double world champion Eva Walkner's (2015, 2016) and vice world champion Jackie Paaso's (2016) dream destination in "Evolution of Dreams". Austrian Walkner and US-American Paaso set out to ski the massive mountain. However, as has been the case many times during their carreers, an injury jeaopardises the project. But the two exceptional athletes stand their ground.

The film will be screened in a number of places in Europe as well as at the Santa Fe Film Festival and festivals in Montreal and Nelson between October and mid-December (>> see the tour dates).

Far Out - Teton Gravitiy Research

Teton Gravity Research's latest flicker is called "Far Out", and can be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, and Vimeo. In the new film, the crew ventures on one of the bravest missions of all time: they explore the remote and uncharted mountain range in the Albanian Alps.

Daddies on Skis - Fancy Tree Films

The new film "Daddies on Skis" by Johannes Aitzemüller (Fancy Tree Films) combines the joy of being a father with ski adventures. Fathers Hauni and Bernd provide self-ironic insight into their lives, and how they balance changing diapers and their passion for sports. "Daddies on Skis" is one of the movies to be screened in the course of Freeride Film Festival in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in November 2018 (>> find the tour dates).

Eis und Palmen - Vaude Experience

Freeski athletes Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle set out on their biggest, most extraordinary tour yet in "Eis und Palmen". The friends try to make their way from Germany to the Mediterranean Sea in four weeks, skiing the best moutains of the Western Alps on their way. They both cover the distance by their own efforts by bicyle.

"Eis und Palmen" already won an award at St. Anton Film Festival in August 2018. The film will be screened in different venues throughout autumn and winter, including Freeride Film Festival in Germany and Austria, and Banff Mountain film Festival (>> see tour dates). Furthermore, it will be published on Youtube in its full length.

Somewhere - Follow Fellas

Even though Follow Fellas is no big producer like Matchstick or Teton Gravity Research, they present a freeride film well worth seeing with "Somewhere". You can almost feel the fresh powder on your face, and definitely get an itch to jump on your skis yourself. The movie was shot at various locations in the Alps.

Sound of Silence - WOOP Productions

"Sound of Silence" tells the story of deaf Robin Gillon, who struggled with marginalisation and discrimination his entire life. Fellow students teased him, teachers called him a fool, and on his first job at a bank, he was locked into a basement. But Robin Gillon used his love of skiing to fight his way back into life. Today, he is a professional freeskier.

Stray Doogs - Good Company

Karl Fostvedt and Lucas Wachs are on a mission in the deep snow in "Stray Dogs", Good Company's latest flicker. Like two stray dogs, they just go with the flow, always on the lookout for the best conditions. On their way through the backcountry, they are accompanied by Jasper Newton and his camera lense. The full movie will be published for free on the internet over the course of autumn.

Before Blank - The Blank Collective

In their latest movie, Blank Crew looks back on their own history. In "Before Blank", each member looks back on how their passion for skiing started, and we find out how their journeys through life are similar, and how they differ as well. The flicker can be watched on Salomon TV as well as Amazon Fire and Android TV.

Here after - Tanner Hall

Legend Tanner Hall shot his latest movie "Here after" in Montana, Alaska, California, and Sweden. Whether in the snowed in backcountry, on a stair-rail, or at the local park, Hall goes on the rampage anywhere. However, "Here after" is not fit to hold a candle to his last year's award-winning flicker "Triumph".

>> Watch the Triumph trailer

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