Ski Review 2023/2024: Ladies High Performance

They offer sporty female skiers plenty of downhill fun as well as security at high speeds - and all without putting as much strain on the power reserves as the racing models. It's no wonder, then, that high-performance skis are among the most popular products in the ski industry. The best-known brands have once again made their skis for the 2023/2024 season available for the WorldSkitest. We were there again and tested the new women's models in changing conditions in Wisła.

Precision and control for fast descents

High Performance models are sporty, powerful and packed with refined technology. Thanks to their responsiveness, good stability and strong edge grip, they enable precise control, even at high speeds. However, anyone who wants to enjoy these high-quality piste skis should have a certain amount of athleticism, skill and stamina. For beginners and more leisurely skiers, the models in the allround category are better suited.

The results of the WorldSkitest 2023 show how high the quality is in the high performance sector. As with the men, a clear winner has also emerged in the women's category, achieving the top grade "excellent". The battle for the other podium places was so close, however, that two skis made it to second place. The other models were also able to convince with very good performances.

Target group: sporty and highly athletic female skiers

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Test winner: Stöckli Laser MX

Stöckli Laser MX
Stöckli Laser MX © Stöckli

By a clear margin, the Stöckli Laser MX takes the victory in the Ladies High Performance test category. The sporty ski shows top performance in all areas while being easy on the power reserves. Thanks to its smooth running and excellent edge grip, both long and short turns are fun with the Stöckli. As a result, it achieves a total of 40 points and the test grade "excellent".

Long turns7,9 / 10
Short turns8,0 /10
Edge hold8,0 / 10
Stability at speed7,9 / 10
Physical effort8,2 / 10
Final score40,0 / 50

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Second Place: Salomon S/Max N 12

Salomon S/Max N 12
Salomon S/Max N 12 © Salomon

A very good second place is achieved by the S/Max N12 from Salomon. It is a balanced ski that shows no real weaknesses in any test category. A ski that is simply fun on the slopes and does not require too much power. The Salomon was also able to convince with its design, which is why the silver medal in SnowStyle also goes to the S/Max N12.

Long turns7,7 / 10
Short turns7,7 /10
Edge hold7,5 / 10
Stability at speed7,7 / 10
Physical effort7,8 / 10
Final score38,4 / 50
very good

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Second Place: Atomic Cloud C12 Revoshock C

Atomic Cloud 12 Revoshock C
Atomic Cloud 12 Revoshock C © Atomic

Equal in points with the Salomon, the Atomic Cloud C12 Revoshock C also takes the silver medal in the Ladies High Performance category. There is a reason why the Cloud 12 is the best seller in the Cloud series. With this model, you get a dynamic, easy-turning ski that is ideal for fast, confident descents with its smooth running and good edge grip, while not straining your power reserves too much.

Long turns7,5 / 10
Short turns7,9 /10
Edge hold7,6 / 10
Stability at speed7,6 / 10
Physical effort7,8 / 10
Final score38,4 / 50
very good

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All test results for Ladies High Performance

RankSkiPointsRatingPrice (RRP)
1Stöckli Laser MX40,0 / 50excellent1.299,00 €
2Salomon S/Max N1238,4 / 50very good
SnowStyle Silver
750,00 €
2Atomic Cloud C 12 Revoshock C38,4 / 50very good849,99 €
4Rossignol Nova 14 Ti37,5 / 50very good780,00 €
5Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC WS37,4 / 50very good
SnowStyle Gold
1.050,00 €
6Nordica Belle SL DC FDT36,8 / 50very good849,99 €
7Völkl Flair SC Carbon36,7 / 50very good880,00 €
8Blizzard Phoenix R14 Pro36,4 / 50very good900,00 €
9Dynastar E Lite 9 Konect36,1 / 50very good820,00 €
10Elan Primetime No.5 Fusion X35,5 / 50very good
SnowStyle Bronze
899,95 €

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