Ski Review 2021/2022: Race GS

Not for the faint-hearted! The models in the Race GS category demand a lot from their riders. But if you have the necessary skill and stamina, you'll experience an epic racing feeling with these giant slalom racers. Sporty skiers who like to ski at high speed and love to make fast, long turns in the snow are exactly right in this category. We reveal which models - literally - won the race in this year's ski test.

Top performance with racing character

Welcome to the top league of ski models! In the Race category* it was the turn of the GS, i.e. giant slalom skis, again this year. These sporty models are technically and qualitatively at the highest level. Inspired by competitive racing, they are often equipped with the latest technologies from the World Cup. Long turns and high speed with simultaneous stability and smoothness characterize the race carvers. Because the GS models cost quite a bit of power, however, they are only suitable for sporty and experienced skiers who have sufficient stamina and ability.

The convincing test results prove that there are actually only top models in the Race GS category. The rating "excellent" was awarded no less than four times and all other racers also achieved the test grade "very good". Among the testers at this year's WorldSkitest on the Mölltal Glacier were real pros like Stefan Brennsteiner, Dominik Raschner, Fritz Strobl and Manfred Pranger.

Target group: sporty and highly athletic skiers, racers

Test winner: Atomic Redster G9 Revo

Atomic Redster G9 Revoshock
Atomic Redster G9 Revoshock © Atomic

The winner of the Race GS category is Atomic's Redster G9 Revo. The Revo version of the well-known G9 is new this season and replaces the Servotec with the new Revoshock technology. This is supposed to provide maximum acceleration and an extra portion of stability. The upgrade has convinced the testers. With a possibly record-breaking score of 9.1 out of 10 for long turns and excellent results for edge hold and stability at speed, the Redster G9 Revo climbs to the top of the podium.

Long turns9.1 / 10
Short turns8.1 / 10
Edge hold8.6 / 10
Stability at speed8.6 / 10
Physical effort8.1 / 10
Final score42.5 / 50

>> More info about the Atomic Redster G9 Revoshock can be found here!

2nd place: Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC Pro

Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC Pro
Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC Pro © Fischer Sports GmbH

With an equally excellent result of 42 points, Fischer's RC4 Worldcup RC Pro secures the silver medal. The name says it all. The World Cup technologies of the professional models ensure downhill performance at the highest level, whether on the piste or on the race track. Like the test winner, the Fischer also achieves a top score for long, wide turns and does so without unnecessarily straining the riders' power reserves. With 8.5 points for general effort, it takes the top score in its category.

Long turns9.0 / 10
Short turns7.5 / 10
Edge hold8.5 / 10
Stability at speed8.5 / 10
Physical effort8.5 / 10
Final score42.0 / 50

>> More info about the Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC Pro can be found here!

3rd place: Stöckli Laser GS

Stöckli Laser GS
Stöckli Laser GS © Stöckli

With outstanding performance in long turns, stability at speed and edge grip, Stöckli's Laser GS lands in 3rd place in the Race category. Its sophisticated technologies make it an absolute top performer for both successful race missions and casual ski days.

Long turns8.5 / 10
Short turns7.8 / 10
Edge hold8.0 / 10
Stability at speed8.2 / 10
Physical effort7.8 / 10
Final score40.3 / 50

>> You can find more information about the Stöckli Laser GS here!

Race GS test result overview

RankSkiRatingPrice (RRP)
1Atomic Redster G9 REVO42.5999,99 €
2Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC Pro42.0899,99 €
3Stöckli Laser GS40.31.349,00 €

Rossignol Hero Elite LT Ti

40.1800,00 €
5Salomon S/Race Pro39.71049,99 €

Völkl Racetiger GS Master

SnowStyle Bronze
1.000,00 €

Dynastar Speed Course Master GS

38.9900,00 €

Nordica Dobermann GSR RB

SnowStyle Gold
899,99 €
9Blizzard Firebird WRC37.3900,00 €
10Elan ACE GSX Fusion X35.0
SnowStyle Silver
899,95 €

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*In the Race category, GS or SL models are tested in annual rotation. Due to the one-year Corona break (2020/2021), the last Race GS test took place in the 2018/2019 season.
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