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Following Legalisation: Banff to Bar Cannabis Consumption

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last update on May 23, 2019

In 2018, Canada will be the first major industrial nation to legalise the cultivation and consumption of cannabis. Banff, Alberta, home to three ski resorts, however, is not having it: the town has promptly prohibited public consumption. There is even talk of expanding the ban to tobacco.

Stoned at the Slope? Not in Banff!

© Banff & Lake Louise Tourism / Noel Hendrickson

Those who were already picturing themselves on a specially dope ski adventure in view of the cannabis legalisation can quit daydreaming: Banff council has passed a bylaw to ban smoking as well as inhalation of cannabis in all public places.

Generally, the federal legislation would allow for public consumption of cannabis on trails, pathways, and green spaces. The particular implementation of the law, however, is up to individual municipalities. That's why Banff has considered an interpretation of cannabis legislation along the lines of established law regarding consumption of tobacco or alcohol. Due to cannabis having a similar effect on cognitive functions, it was decided to take an approach in line with alcohol regulations. Public drinking is prohibited in Banff.

It remains unclear if the law will be enforced proactively, or on a complaint basis. Calgary, biggest city in Alberta, has also impeded public consumption of cannabis prior to its legalisation.

Next Step General Smoking Ban?

© Kelly MacDonald

Public smoking of tobacco is another nuisance to many Banff politicians. Hence, they have hatched the idea of a general smoking ban applicable not only to hemp, but to tobacco and other smokable substances as well. Smoking is already barred in public buildings in Canada, including bars and pubs. A potential smoking ban would further extend to Banff's public places outdoors.

As the initiative's main motive, representatives talk about setting a good example for children, whose perception of a person smoking tobacco does not differ from that of someone smoking pot.

Directions have been given to draft a plan for required steps to establish a general smoking ban. Local politicians thus seem to be playing for keeps with this project.

Winter Sports at Banff Lake Louise

The town of Banff, located at the Canadian province Alberta, offers snow sports enthusiasts nearly everything their hearts desire: excellent champagne powder, three diverse ski resorts, and a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains and the world's third oldest national park.

The smallest resort, Mount Norquay, is best suited for intermediate or expert skiers. Sunshine Village scores with wide trails for carving, and a picture-perfect panorama. At World Cup venue Lake Louise, one of North America's largest ski resorts, you will find infinite variety you'll never get bored with.

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