Völkl Racetiger SL Master (Slalom Ski 2022/2023)

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This is the perfect ski for athletes who want to carve and push hard. This Slalom Ski definitely prefers groomers to powder runs. It is designed for perfect edge hold on-piste.

The ski in details

The faster the turn, the bigger the adrenaline rush

The new Racetiger SL Master knows no compromises and is the most specific ski in our collection (with the exception of the racing skis). Equipped with the latest technologies that Völkl currently offers in the on-piste category, it leaves nothing to be desired and opens a new chapter in terms of highly sporty on-piste skiing. Two main factors in this regard are the tailored carbon tips and the full ash core, which was previously reserved for the WC line. To precisely control the torsion in the shovel area, Völkl established a complex process to embroider carbon fibres onto a fleece – the tailored carbon tip.

The result is direct and precise tip response on an unprecedented scale as well as a new experience of energy build-up from the first moment of turning. Due to the full ash core, the energy generated is distributed over the entire length of the ski and released at the end of the turn. A short tip rocker, full Titanal, full sidewall, 3D.Glass construction and P-Tex 4505 race base complete this highly sporty model. With only 67 mm under the boot, a 12.6 m radius and the pre-mounted 10 mm World Cup plate, the impressively agile Racetiger SL Master is built for the tightest, shortest and most precise turns you can imagine – all at breakneck speed.


Tailored Carbon Tips: In this innovative manufacturing process the new Tailored Carbon Tips are produced by embroidering the individual carbon fibers onto a carrier material. The stiffness, torsion and thus the skiing characteristics can be specifically adjusted via the fiber thickness and millimeter-precise alignment. In this way, the fibers guide the dynamics to the areas of the ski where they are needed. The visibly integrated Tailored Carbon Tips are light, allow an agile shovel reaction with less effort and quickly build up energy. The Tailored Carbon Tips thus reach a new level of precision, direct tip response and active skiing pleasure.

3D.Glass: Völkl’s development to furthermore improve overall ski performance and stability even in critical snow conditions. Compared to classic glass constructions the three-dimensional and multiple-folded glass layers in the tip and in the tail area result in an increased edge grip and a more vivid rebound behavior in turns.

World Cup Ash Woodcore: The high-quality core made of solid ash, which extends over the entire length of the ski, is a technical highlight that has great impact on the skiing characteristics. The particularly elastic hardwood is being used in Völkl racing skis for World Cup athletes and even the Master models and acts as an energy accumulator: while the ski flexes when initiating the turn, the fibers stretch and absorb the tension energy. At the exit of the turn, this accumulated energy is released, giving the ski a lively feel. Due to the specific suppleness of ash wood, the ski also adapts optimally to the surface. This results in the greatest possible stability and reliability, which makes the ski particularly smooth.

Race Finish: For a better grip in fast and tight turns the Völkl World Cup skis come with a special race finish edging. While the SL models feature 0,7° on the base and 87,6° on the side, the GLS models come with a 0,8° base and 87,6° on the side.

Tip Rocker


Ski fanatic
10 months ago
Unbelievable stability. Outperforms anything I’ve ever skied on. Everything they say about these skis is true!


Season 2022/2023
Season start: 2022
Season end: 2023
Category Slalom Ski
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BindingMarker XComp 16 GW Black MASTER
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Skill Level

1 = Newbie, 10 = Pro

Available lengths

Length (cm)Radius (m)Sidecut (mm)
41.34 ft