Stöckli Laser SC Levada (Sport Carver 2023/2024)

Product Summary

The Stöckli Laser SC Levada's full retail price is €1,100. The Ski costs roughly €320 more than the average price of all Sport Carver Ski, making it a real luxury Ski. Effortless to ride at all speeds, this ski is just right for all intermediate skiers. This Sport Carver Ski definitely prefers groomers to powder runs. It is designed for perfect edge hold on-piste. Available lengths for the ski are ranging between 163 and 170cm. With a radius ranging from only 13.50 m to 14.90 m this ski is perfect for short turns and aggressive carving action.

The ski in details

In collaboration with Sunrise and Swiss-Ski, Stöckli presents the exclusive Levada ski, inspired by the design of the Swiss skiers' racing kit.

A versatile ski that can do everything from short to long turns, from fast to leisurely. The sporty racing sidewalls ensure direct power transmission and the slightly softer wood core allows you to ski comfortably in any situation. Only 64 pairs of this strictly limited special edition ski were produced. The edition of 64 skis is based on the 64 Swiss podium places achieved in the 2022/2023 winter sport season.


Size Optimized Construction
The construction of these models is individually adapted to the respective length. The lower lengths are typically somewhat lighter and softer than the upper lengths. The aim is to achieve an ideal balance between the skiing characteristics of the ski and the physical characteristics of the skier. 

  • Perfectly coordinated construction in every length
  • Riding characteristics are matched to the physical requirements
  • Weight reduction in the lower lengths


Solid Metal Edge
Wider than conventional edges. This not only increases the service life of the skis, but also pays off in the rental service, where the material is subjected to particularly hard use. A wider edge also makes the ski more stable.

  • Longer ski service life
  • Less susceptible to damage
  • More grinding operations possible
  • Increased stability


Full Edge Contact
The widest points of the ski are set further forward or further back. As a result, the shovel grips faster and the part of the edge that touches the snow when edged up is longer. 

  • Easier and faster turn initiation
  • Improved grip in the turn thanks to the longer contact surface


Flex Torsion Control
An S-shaped cut in the aluminum at the tip and tail of the ski ensures that the ski is softer at the front and rear in terms of flex and torsion. On the one hand, this makes it easier to bend in flex, which makes it easier to initiate the turn. On the other hand, you always have the ski under control when changing turns, as the torsion of the ski remains adaptable. 

  • Improved control when changing direction
  • Easier to turn in and out in the turn phase


Racing Sidewalls Black
Even harder phenolic sidewall, which is also used in racing. It gives the ski greater stability and enables more direct power transmission. 

  • Faster and more direct power transmission
  • Greater agility when changing edges




Season 2023/2024
Season start: 2023
Season end: 2024
Category Sport Carver
Suggested Retail Price 1100 €

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Skill Level

1 = Newbie, 10 = Pro

Available lengths

Length (cm)Radius (m)Sidecut (mm)
44.29 ft
48.88 ft