map of all ski resorts in Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg Ski Resort Weather Forecasts

-10 °C
-5 °C
10 °C
15 °C
20 °C
25 °C
30 °C
35 °C
40 °C
500 m: up to 8 °C
1,000 m: up to 6 °C
2,000 m: up to -1 °C
Throughout the day, there might be a chance of showers in the north. Scattered showers are expected to give way to some clouds in the evening. Heavy snowfalls south are forecast in the morning, which are expected to change into lasting, intense rainfalls in the noon. In the midday, there is plenty of rain to deal with. In the evening, the rain will ease off slightly. While in the east there will be heavy snowfalls in the morning. In the noon, light rain is forecast. Throughout the day, there might be a chance of showers. Heavy sleet in the west is forecast in the morning, with a chance of rain in the noon. Throughout the day, there might be a chance of showers. Temperatures are not far from normal, but the breeze from the southwest keeps it from feeling as warm as it could if there were no wind.
Ski ResortTodayTomorrowSaturdaySunday
Lech Zürs Am Arlberg
-6 °C
-8 °C
-12 °C
-6 °C
Silvretta Montafon
-2 °C
-4 °C
-9 °C
-4 °C
Damüls Mellau
-1 °C
-5 °C
-7 °C
-3 °C
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Snow is guaranteed in the West of Austria

Vorarlberg is located at the western edge in Austria and is - apart from Vienna - the smallest federal state. It's spread out from the south-eastern shore of Lake Constance all the way up to the Arlberg mountain range. The highest summit is the Piz Buin in the Silvretta mountain range with a height of 3.312 meters (10866 ft). The most famous and largest ski resorts are Lech Zürs am Arlberg, Silvretta Montafon and the Kleinwalsertal. In Vorarlberg you'll find nearly 1.000 kilometers of piste (621 mi) because the resorts reach a height up to 2.400 meters (7874 ft). The resorts are known to have a relatively high snow guarantee because clouds build up in front of the alps coming from low pressure areas in the northwest. These clouds bring tons of new snow to the resorts. Warth am Arlberg is with more than eleven meters of snow (36 ft) per year the snow richest village in the entire Alps. For German visitors the resorts can be reached easiest via the A12 highway.

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    Travel Deals & Tips
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