map of all ski resorts in Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein Ski Resort Weather Forecasts

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-5 °C
10 °C
15 °C
20 °C
25 °C
30 °C
35 °C
40 °C
Today's weather in the north is marked by some rain every now and then, reaching temperatures of about 18 °C. Today is a perfect day in the south to enjoy some sweet sunshine with a high near 24 °C. The weather in the east will be cloudy with a small amount of rain in the morning. In the noon, clouds and light rain will break and give way to some sunshine. Forecasters are predicting sunshine in the noon with a chance of rain in the evening. The west has to expect some scattered showers today at a temperature of 17 °C. There is a gentle breeze blowing from the northwest.
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