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Saxony Ski Resort Weather Forecasts

14 °F
23 °F
32 °F
41 °F
50 °F
59 °F
68 °F
77 °F
86 °F
95 °F
104 °F
1640 ft: up to 72 °F
3281 ft: up to 68 °F
In the north, scattered showers are expected to give way to some clouds in the noon. The day will be partly cloudy with sunny intervals. Today's weather in the south is marked by some rain every now and then, reaching temperatures of about 73 °F. In the east, the forenoon is mostly cloudy, refreshed with some occasional rain in the midday. Scattered showers are expected to give way to some clouds in the evening. Throughout the day, there might be a chance of showers in the west. Scattered showers are expected to give way to some clouds in the evening. There is a gentle wind coming from the northeast.
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Oberwiesenthal Fichtelberg
66 °F
70 °F
68 °F
66 °F
68 °F
75 °F
73 °F
70 °F
68 °F
72 °F
70 °F
68 °F
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Happiness on Saxony's slopes

The best way to enjoy skiing in Saxony is visiting the Ore Mountains. They are situated in the south of Saxony and spread out all the way into the Czech Republic. The low mountain range provides the most ski resorts in the federal state. The most famous and influential ski area would be Oberwiesenthal Fichtelberg. Two highlights can be discovered here: the oldest aerial cableway in Germany takes you up the Fichtelberg mountain which is the highest peak of the Free State of Saxony with an elevation of 1.215 meters (3986 ft)! It has 15.5 kilometers (9.6 mi) of skiable terrain and is therefore the largest ski resort in the state. In addition the resort is interconnected with the Czech Klínovec (highest peak of the Ore Mountains), which means another 18 kilometers (11.2 mi) of slopes at your disposal.

Various smaller lift systems such as in Altenberg, Holzhau or Geising provide the perfect conditions for those first attempts skiing or snowboarding downhill. After an exhausting ski day, our recommendation is to enjoy one of Saxony's many regional specialties such as “Sächsischen Sauerbraten” (pot roast) or “Sächsische Kartoffelsuppe”(potato soup).

    Travel Deals & Tips
    Travel Deals & Tips
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