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India Ski Resort Weather Forecasts

14 °F
23 °F
32 °F
41 °F
50 °F
59 °F
68 °F
77 °F
86 °F
95 °F
104 °F
Himalayan North
Sunny skies team up with temperatures of 50 °F today in the north, south, west and east. Temperatures are not far from normal, but the breeze from the south keeps it from feeling as warm as it could if there were no wind.
50 °F
50 °F
45 °F
46 °F
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Flying High at the Himalayahimalay

The Himalaya is home to the highest mountains in the world. Hence, it is no surprise, that a range of ski resorts can be found at the states Jammu, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. Snow is absolutely guaranteed here. Thanks to increasing numbers of winter tourists from abroad, the ski resorts have gone through considerable expansions in the past years. Freeriders and heli-skiers will find appropriate terrain here as well.

Gulmarg Resort in Kashmir is an absolute highlight for wintersports enthusiasts. It is located in the west of the Himalaya, with guaranteed snow at 13,530 feet, featuring impressive views over Kashmir valley and nearby Nango Parbat (26,660 ft).

    Travel Deals & Tips
    Travel Deals & Tips
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