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Alaska Ski Resort Weather Forecasts

14 °F
23 °F
32 °F
41 °F
50 °F
59 °F
68 °F
77 °F
86 °F
95 °F
104 °F
1640 ft: up to 30 °F
3281 ft: up to 23 °F
Reaching a high near -7 °F, the weather in the north is going to be partly cloudy today. In the morning, the weather in the south will be partly rainy. The sky will cloud up in the noon and a mix of sleet, freezing rain and snow is forecast. There will be heavy snowfalls in the noon. In the evening, light rain is forecast. In the east, heavy snowfalls are predicted in the morning, whereas snowfalls are to ease in the noon and partial cloudiness is forecast. The day will be partly cloudy with sunny intervals. At a temperature of 12 °F at the highest, there certainly is a great chance of snow today for the west. A light southeast breeze brings along balmy temperatures.
Ski ResortTodayTomorrowMondayTuesday
Alyeska Resort
32 °F
25 °F
23 °F
21 °F
Eaglecrest Ski Area
34 °F
28 °F
21 °F
14 °F
Mt Eyak
36 °F
27 °F
21 °F
21 °F
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America's most northerly skiing experience

Alaska is the most northerly state in the United States and is famous for its sub-polar climate. The characteristic weather is the main reason for Alaska's long, cold and snowy winters. In the far north of Alaska you'll encounter the Alaska Range which is crowned by Denali (formerly called Mount McKinley). At 6,194 metres (20.310 ft), Denali is the highest mountain in the United States and is the jewel in the crown of Denali National Park and Preserve. In total, Alaska has seven ski resorts, all located near the coast. The most famous is Alyeska close to the city of Anchorage. The resort is blessed with a whopping 16 metres of snow each year. There are 76 runs to explore here, including the longest uninterrupted double black diamond slope in North America. Other resorts close to Anchorage include Hilltop Ski Area and Arctic Valley Ski Area. Further afield, Eaglycrest Ski Area and Moose Mountain, which each boast 35 trails, are also popular spots.

The raw and rugged natural landscape of Alaska is an experience in itself and that alone is a legitimate reason to travel here. Another unforgettable highlight is the aurora borealis, the colorful northern lights which occasionally dance across the Alaskan sky. If you want to spend some time away from the slopes, there is probably no better way to explore the Alaskan landscape than with an old-school dogsled.

Many different airports in the United States fly to the airport in Anchorage, including Chicago and Atlanta. Alaska and its beautiful winter wonderland are therefore within easy reach for international visitors.

    Travel Deals & Tips
    Travel Deals & Tips
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