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last update on Jan 28, 2021
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Value for Money 8 / 10
Overall: 89 / 100
  • Reasonable ticket rates
  • Discount Specials
  • Beverages rather expensive
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  • Food rather expensive

Zermatt: High price tag – High quality

Zermatt has a reputation for being one of the most expensive ski areas in Europe. It is certainly true that at CHF 79, which is around € 71 (as of February 2016), the ski area is certainly considerably more expensive than a day ticket to the large ski areas in Austria. However, this is partly attributable to the currently high exchange rate for Swiss francs, as well as the fact that in Zermatt visitors get a lot for their money. If we analyse the price per kilometre of trails, Zermatt comes in at just € 0,20, compared to an average across the Alps of € 0,82. In addition, the ski resort in Valais also boasts several attractive USPs: If you appreciate guaranteed snow 365 days a year and runs with stunning views of the Matterhorn from all directions, CHF 79 suddenly doesn’t seem as expensive. In addition, it seems that Zermatt is also aware of the increasing price sensitivity of guests – in the 2015/2016 season, it was one of the few ski areas that did not increase its prices for a day ticket.

If you follow a couple of tips, you can save on a skiing holiday in Zermatt

Suffice to say, if you’re planning to stay for several days, expect to spend a good amount of cash. However, there are also ways of enjoying the slopes around Zermatt for less:

Saving tip 1: Stay in Täsch or Randa

If you are happy to take the train to Zermatt, you can take advantage of significantly cheaper accommodation prices in Täsch or Randa, both of which are located slightly further north in the Matter Valley. Don’t forget to calculate into the equation the fact that you will have to pay for using the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn every day. Only then can you be sure that this cheap accommodation really makes sense.

Saving tip 2: Eat on the Italian side

In every test, we were always surprised about how good value eating was on the Italian side in the Breuil-Cervinia and Valtournenche areas. Prices here are even substantially lower than in the Austrian ski areas. Having said that, the views of the Matterhorn on the Swiss side are certainly more eye-catching. That is why we suggest planning to eat one day on the Italian side and one day on the Zermatt side.


Travel Deals & Tips
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