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Review Val Gardena Gröden (Dolomites): Family Skiing

Val Gardena Gröden (Dolomites)

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last update on Nov 30, 2021
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Family 9 / 10
Overall: 87 / 100
  • Enough slopes for beginner
  • Kids areas
  • Wide offering of ski schools and nurseries
  • Expensive for families

Top resort for families!

For families with children there are numerous kids parks where the little ones can practice their skiing technique calmly and without disturbances. In each of the three villages (St.Ulrich, St. Christina and Wolkenstein) you'll find practice slopes like that, which is especially praiseworthy. A little higher up the mountain in areas such as Monte Pana or the Seiser Alm, little skiers can learn skiing in separate spaces appropriate for children. Once they got the hang of it there are lots of nice blue and red marked slopes, which are perfect for first attempts on 'real slopes' (see category Beginners). In the valley parents can chose from six different ski schools to book a class for their kids. If parents with smaller or non-skiing children want to discover the slopes alone, that won't be a problem either. Daycare centers and nurseries are provided in all three towns. In the daycare center St. Christina they even provide care for children under the age of one. The only negative thing to all of this would be the relatively high prices for the ski passes.


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