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Review Grindelwald - Wengen: Value for Money

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  • Food rather expensive
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Value for Money 7 / 10
Overall score: 80 / 100

€ 0.35 per kilometre

With a day ticket price of 63CHF (approx. € 58 as of February 2016), the ski area is substantially more expensive than the competition over the border in Austria. However, the lift pass price is roughly average for Switzerland. Other large ski areas like Saas Fee (72CHF) or Zermatt (92CHF for the international ticket valid in Cervinia) are substantially more expensive than the prices listed in Grindelwald. For the 163 kilometres of runs, the lift pass translates into an average of € 0.35 per kilometre of trail – a price substantially lower than the average across the European Alps of € 0.82 per kilometre. However, due to the relatively pricey lodges and the unfavourable exchange rate, we are unable to give the ski area top marks when it comes to value for money.

Discounts in the off-season and other price cuts

If you are slightly flexible about dates, you can make some serious savings in Grindelwald and Wengen. The ski area offers a 20% discount on ski passes in the offseason periods (correct as of 2015/2016 season). These discounts usually apply until the end of November and from the start of April. Families should also note that skiing with children is particularly good value on a Saturday. Every Saturday, there is always one free day-pass for every three children (between 6 and 15 years old) when accompanied by an adult purchasing a day or afternoon ticket at the normal price.

User Reviews

Simon J. (Age: 18-25)
Skill: Advanced • in Mar 2020
Travelled as: Alone
The 5 day ski pass was quite expensive, especially if you take Schilthorn as well. Minus point: you cannot take Schilthorn, First or Gw-Wengen separately. There is only theSkipass only Gw-Wengen-First and Gw-Wengen-First-Schilthorn and of course as usual in Switzerland no refund
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