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last update on Mar 29, 2021
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Beginner 6 / 10
Overall: 64 / 100

      Avarage degree of difficulty for beginners!

      We found the question whether Goldeck is a recommendable ski resort for beginners rather tricky. When located on the plateau of the “Goldeck Mountain” (2142 m), there is a great variety of options and also less experienced skiers can take basically every run, as none of the slopes bear any greater difficulties. In particular the “Family-” and the “Bärenbiss-” run are recommendable due to their clear arrangement, length and agreeable incline. The major disadvantage for beginners however is the very demanding (though for experienced skiers rather promising), BLACK base area descent. For novice skiers, however, this run is pracitcally unfeasible. Therefore beginners only have the option of taking the gondola to “Spittal/Drau” to return to the base station. It is thus a matter of taste whether you think this disadvantageous or if you find it ok not to be able to ski right down to the base.


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