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Family 9 / 10
Overall: 85 / 100

      The perfect vacation spot for families!

      Alta Badia surrounded by the magical Dolomites is the ideal vacation spot for families. The entrance villages to the ski resort provide numerous possibilities for kids to learn skiing under professional care while the parents can explore the ski resort. (More information can be obtained at the base stations or on the homepage A family highlight is the Kids Fun Park of the “Scola di Schi Dolomites” featuring a toboggan trail, tubes and a tippi (with costs). It is situated at the Piz La Ila which is easily accessible via the gondola from La Villa. The predominantly easy terrain enables families to spend a fun and relaxed day on the slopes even with inexperienced skiers. Because Alta Badia leaves nothing to be desired for families we award the ski resort with 9 stars.



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      Christoph (Age: 26-30)
      Skill: Pro • in Oct 2017
      Travelled as: Family
      Slopes and lifts for children and everyone will find their level of difficulty
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