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Cross-Country Skiing Villard de Lans

Haut Vercors Nordic Area

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The Cross-Country Area

The Villard de Lans - Corrençon-en-Vercors winter sports area links the villages of Villard, Corrençon and Herbouilly. One of the largest cross-country skiing areas in the Haut-Vercors Nordic region, it has 155 kilometres of groomed trails suitable for both skating and classic techniques. As the trails are designed in different levels of difficulty, there is something for every level - whether beginner or already a professional.

Equipment can be rented on site and you can take part in cross-country skiing courses. The trails are well-maintained and offer a varied network of routes as they run through the valley, the forests and the mountains. In addition, there are two biathlon stadiums in the area.

Interesting facts

  • Offering 96.31 miles cross-country trails, Villard de Lans is the largest cross-Country skiing area in France.
  • The highest point of the track is 3271 ft above sea level.
  • Snow coverage is usually best during March, offering an average snow depth of 54 " at summit elevation and 17 " at the base.


❄️???? Un hiver comme nulle part ailleurs à Villard de Lans - Corrençon


Villard-de-Lans Tourist Office
31 Avenue du Général de Gaulle
Phone+33(0)4 76 95 10 38


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Weather (3297 ft)


Elevation3271 ft - 3271 ft
Skating 96.31 miles
Classic 96.31 miles
Lighted trails N/A